At VSI, we take league photography to the next level. Not only do we offer the most competitive pricing available in today’s market, we also deliver the best quality! With a price that cannot be beat, and our top quality product line, you cannot go wrong when you choose VSI as your league photography solution.

Action Photos

Contact VSI today about attending your next event.  We offer unique services such as on-site viewing/ordering and custom Action Posters.  With our extensive staff and equipment resources, we have the ability to handle any size event.


VSI employees an extensive and talented staff of photographers and digital artists who have the ability to capture and create the high quality products that parents, coaches, and athletes desire. A percentage of gross sales is donated back to the organizations we work with to help fund their programs.


10% of gross sales goes back to your organization. This could amount to hundreds of dollars to help fund your programs.


Standard prints are just the beginning.  VSI offers a wide array of custom products.


We strive to deliver the final product in the fastest time possible. Our standard turnaround time is 3 to 5 weeks, but this may vary depending on the number of teams and players.


One FREE 5×7 team graphic for every coach present on picture day.


An electronic copy of team photos will be available for organization’s use in advertising and programs.


We have a large staff of photographers specializing in all types of sports photography. This allows us to shoot multiple groups in varying locations when needed.

At VSI, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. If there are any issues with your order, please call our customer service department immediately and we will resolve it in a timely manner.


What is covered under your 100% guarantee?

Any issue where we are at fault will be promptly fixed at no charge. Examples of this would include a misspelled name, incorrect individual or team photo, or missing items from your order. We constantly strive to deliver the best quality image possible. All technical aspects of our photos are also covered. Your image should be sharp, in focus, and accurately color balanced given the shooting conditions.

What is not covered?

Please keep in mind that there are some factors that are beyond our control. Although we do our best take great pictures in any and all conditions, sometimes it can be difficult. We attempt to coordinate the ideal location for all of our sessions, but sometimes we are limited to a specific location and time. We cannot always control what is in the background of our images, and we cannot control poor weather conditions. Every person that is photographed is asked to get in a specific pose, to stand/sit up tall, and is notified before the photo is taken so that they may smile if they choose to. We take at least 2 photos of every person and then do our best to choose the optimal image. We cannot always control slouching, squinting, or an unnatural looking smile.

These pictures are great! Can I order more?

Yes! You may order additional prints of your photos using our online store. Images are typically online within 1 week from when photos are taken. All online orders are shipped directly to your residence. Visit our online gallery now to view and order your photos.

We want your feedback!

What was your experience like with VSI? Let us know. Just click on the “contact” menu item and fill out the online form. Your feedback is important to us, and acts as a valuable tool to improve our clients’ future experiences with VSI.

The photographers at VSI have the equipment, knowledge and passion for sports that is required to deliver top quality action photos.

From large tournaments to individual games, we have the capability to handle any size event.

Fundraising Overview

Vivid Studios, Inc. is a leading provider of live event coverage and league photography in Central Illinois. With an extensive and talented staff of photographers and digital artists, we have the ability to capture and create the high quality, unique products that you desire. We specialize in fundraiser programs that include top quality products that are sure to impress your coaches, parents and athletes.

VSI works with several area organizations to help raise funds for their programs. If you are a studio coordinator or director, call us today to learn about how a percentage of sales can be donated back to your club or organization! We enjoy contributing back to the communities and organizations we work with and will tailor our offering to fit both your service requirements, as well as your fundraising needs.

Picture Day Fundraiser

Our most popular choice for raising funds for an organization is our Picture-Day Fundraiser. We have several custom options to help satisfy your needs.

Our standard offering is as follows:

  • 10% of gross sales go back to your organization. This could amount to hundreds of dollars to help fund your programs.
  • One FREE 5×7 team graphic for every coach.
  • Electronic copy of team photos for organizations use on advertising and programs.
  • Fast and professional turnaround times. All Teams will be scheduled into the minimum number of timeslots required. We can bring multiple crews to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Dedicated staff that will manage the entire picture day process. We pride ourselves on taking the stress of picture day off your shoulders.

Because VSI is also a full service photography studio, we have staff on hand to answer the phone daily during normal business hours and resolve any customer service issues or answer any questions promptly. Whether it is before, during, or after your league’s picture day, we take pride in offering excellent communication and customer service throughout your entire experience with us.

DVD Video Fundraiser

Another fundraising option is our DVD Video Fundraiser. We capture video at a number of large scale events such as dance recitals and sports competitions and a percentage of DVD sales will be donated back to the event organization.

The standard offering for our DVD Video Fundraiser is as follows:

  • 10% of gross sales go back to your organization. This could amount to hundreds of dollars to help fund your programs.
  • Two FREE DVD box sets for studio archive.
  • Mutli-camera recording. All recitals are recorded using multiple cameras to capture individual close-ups as well as the entire stage of performers.
  • Fast and professional turnaround times. All DVDs will be proofed to a studio representative for approval or correction within 21 days of recording. DVDs will be delivered to studio within 14 days of receiving approval from a studio representative.
  • Trained staff that is well versed in all aspects of audio and video production.