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312 N. Sangamon Ave.

Gibson City, Illinois 60936


{ Madison | 2020 GCMS Senior | Gibson City, IL }

Like most photographers fall is my favorite season to shoot! The air is crisp, the temperature is just right and the colors are amazing. We had a perfect fall day for Madi’s senior shoot. A little windy but nothing we couldn’t handle. I love this girl, not only is she an all-star athlete but she is such a sweetheart. My daughter is obsessed with her! Just goes to show what a positive influence she is on the younger girls that look up to her! We didn’t have much of a plan for this shoot other than to cruise Ford County and find all the pretty spots we could. Barns, trees and open fields are always my favorite and that’s what we got. After that, we headed to the place she is most comfortable, the softball field! I love how her softball images turned out! Next year Madi will be heading to SIU to pitch for the Saluki’s and I wish her all the luck in the world! -Holly

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