Where do you even begin with these two?? Megan is just as chill and sweet as can be and the only one sweeter than her is her fun-loving ultra-hugging husband, John! You can always tell how much a couple is truly loved by listening throughout the day how genuinely excited people are for them. All we heard all day was how they were made for each other and could not be better people. Megan’s dress was perfection, the flowers were perfection, the always gorgeous Pear Tree with their grounds, decor, food, and did you see that dessert table? The 80% chance of rain cleared out just when we wanted it to and stayed away. I mean, how much better can it really get? I am so glad that were we the one you guys chose to capture your most perfect day!! CONGRATS to the new Mr. + Mrs. Waltrip! <3 Kristi